Responsible for trillions to manage for future pensioners, pension boards have stepped into the global spotlight, and are expected to deliver, day in, day out.

How can boards improve the quality and speed of decision making, keeping their heads cool, without ignoring complexities and long-term effects?

Martijn Vos and Prof. Alfred Slager combine their global experiences in decision making into an effective framework to help pension boards, tackling today’s challenges as long-term investments & liabilities, mandates, complex implementations and needed agility in times of market disruptions. They provide tangible steps to plan & improve and prevent being dragged into panic, inertia, or advisor dependency. It includes topics as a decision-making framework, SAA, ALM modeling, ethics, sustainability, tackling board biases, behavioral challenges and deciding in times of crisis.

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Some quotes by readers

This is a practical and easy-to-read guide about pension fund decision making processes by authors who know the ins and outs of the system. I recommend this book to any board member and trustee, and in particular to someone who is joining a pension fund board for the first time.
- Sebastien Betermier, Finance Professor at McGill University, Executive Director International Centre for Pension Management

This book is an invaluable guide for anyone involved in pension management. Drawing from their 25 years of experience in the field, Slager and Vos demystify the decision-making process, emphasizing the unique challenges faced by pension boards. Their approach not only underscores the gravity of these decisions but also equips readers with the practical tools to navigate the complexity and uncertainty inherent in the pension sector. It is a must-read for board members seeking to better serve plan participants, and an illuminating insight into the world of pensions for everyone else.
- Onno Steenbeek, Professor of Finance Erasmus School of Economics & MD Strategic Portfolio Advice, APG Asset Management



Martijn Vos

Author and COO Ortec Finance
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Alfred Slager

Author and Professor of Pension Fund Management
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