Responsible for managing trillions for future pensioners, pension boards have stepped into the global spotlight, and they are under increasing pressure to deliver every day. "Decision Making for Pension Boards" explains how boards can improve the quality and speed of decision making, keep their heads cool, without ignoring complexities and long-term effects.

Written for board members, trustees of pension organizations, leadership of institutional investors, and undergraduate, graduate, and executive students of finance, economics, and investing, this textbook combines theory, empirical data, and policy and day-to-day experience from a wide range of board members and their advisors.

This practical handbook examines tangible steps to plan, improve and avoid being dragged into panic, inertia, or advisor dependency. It includes topics such as a decision-making framework, strategic asset allocation, ALM modeling, ethics, sustainability, tackling board biases, behavioral challenges and acting in times of crisis. It has been written straight to the point, with numerous examples, and helps you challenge your own decision making.

Decision Making for Pension Boards starts each chapter with an overview and learning objectives to support study. It includes self-reflection questions at the end of each chapter for group discussions or evaluations, suggestions for further reading, and extensive use of figures, boxes, and tables to enhance goals and clarify concepts.

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Preview-Decision Making for Pension Boards

Being a subpart of the book itself, this preview pdf is copyright protected too!

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