London, UK – February 29, 2024 – Ortec Finance is thrilled to announce that its revolutionary climate risk solution, Ortec Finance ClimateMAPS, has been honored with the prestigious Portfolio Climate Risk Solution of the Year award at the Insurance Asset Risk's Annual UK & Europe Awards 2024 for the second year in a row.

IARAW 2024

The recognition comes as a testament to Ortec Finance's commitment to delivering innovative solutions that address the pressing challenges posed by climate change. Ortec Finance ClimateMAPS stands out for its unparalleled capabilities in capturing the intricate networked effects of climate change, interconnections, and feedback loops. Unlike other models that rely solely on carbon pricing to proxy transition risk, Ortec Finance Climate Scenarios use the E3ME model of its strategic partner Cambridge Econometrics to explicitly model over 20 distinct climate policies, providing insurers with a comprehensive understanding of how the global economy will be impacted by climate change from a top-down perspective.

Bert Kramer, Head of Climate Research at Ortec Finance, expressed his gratitude for the recognition, saying, “We are honored to receive the Portfolio Climate Risk Solution of the Year award for the second year in a row. At Ortec Finance, we are dedicated to empowering insurers with the tools they need to navigate the complex landscape of climate risk. Our ClimateMAPS solution sets a new standard in climate scenario analysis, offering highly granular sector and region coverage, robust climate scenarios, and the ability to disentangle various types of risks."

Ortec Finance ClimateMAPS has been continually evolving to address the latest developments in climate science and policy and the 2024 release of ClimateMAPS will again comprise many important innovations. At investors, results and insights from climate risk analysis are increasingly combined and integrated with traditional investment risk analysis to drive investment decision making. Ortec Finance has therefore ensured that the combination of its economic scenarios, climate scenarios and portfolio analytics solutions help investors to integrate climate change into their decision making in a consistent and seamless way.

Looking ahead, Ortec Finance remains committed to driving innovation in the field of climate risk management. The company is exploring topics such as short-term disruptive climate scenarios and the impact of sea-level rise on acute physical risks for coastal cities, as well as incorporating biodiversity and other nature-related risks into its solutions.


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For media inquiries, please contact Hamish Bailey, Managing Director UK, Head of Insurance & Investment, via the contact details below.

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