Ortec Finance, a leading provider of technology and solutions for risk and return management for financial institutions, is delighted to announce its involvement in a newly launched Public-Private Partnership (PPP) to estimate the financial impact of biodiversity loss and determine the most important measures to reduce damage and increase recovery of biodiversity.

The groundbreaking initiative, led by the Wageningen Economic Research and the Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD) brings Ortec Finance together with five other private partners from the financial sector including Allianz Group, APG, Commerzbank, ING and Deloitte to address a critical gap in biodiversity financing by developing robust tools to understand and mitigate the impacts of biodiversity loss.

During the four year project, Ortec Finance will bring their extensive experience and climate modeling approach to contribute and complement efforts in translating biodiversity-related risks and opportunities into economic and financial impacts. This supports the PPP’s unique approach to align science-based future biodiversity and financial scenarios by utilizing advanced economic modelling techniques. These techniques provide comprehensive monetary estimates of biodiversity effects on the economy at both the country and sector levels.

Dr. Bronwyn Claire, Climate Science Lead at Ortec Finance, said: ‘We are excited to join this pioneering project, which allows us to leverage our capabilities in translating scientific research into economic and financial impacts within the biodiversity context. By drawing on our extensive experience in quantifying the impacts of climate change through our proprietary climate scenario modeling framework, we look forward to helping the financial sector incorporate biodiversity considerations into their decision-making processes.”

More details about the project can be found here: Biodiversity-related risks and opportunities to the financial sector - WUR

Learn more about our Climate Scenario Analysis Solution - ClimateMAPS

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