The United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) has recently released its 2023 Climate Risk Landscape Report which aims to assists financial institutions in better understanding the diverse and dynamic landscape of climate risk tools. This report follows the 2021 Climate Risk Landscape Report in response to the increasing demand from financial institutions seeking to utilize climate risk tools to better understand climate risks and opportunities and inform their strategies. 

ClimateALIGN, our independent, comprehensive and on-demand ITR tool was recognized for its ability to generate a forward-looking portfolio-specific temperature score charted against a net-zero by 2050 pathway. UNEP FI highlighted that its methodology for portfolio alignment is compliant with recommendations from the TCFD’s Portfolio Alignment Team (PAT) and GFANZ, originally developed with the Open-Source Climate (OS-Climate) initiative.

ClimateMAPS, our customizable and award-winning climate scenario analysis solution, received recognition for its ability to explain a portfolio’s accumulative climate transition risk in a narrative form as well as its inclusion of policy and transition metrics, acute and chronic physical risk narratives and heat maps. UNEP FI also highlighted ClimateMAPS’ ability to deliver qualitative narratives for tipping points, which has been difficult to quantify.
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