PEARL enhances your performance by helping you master the complexity of investment decision making

PEARL is our acclaimed performance measurement & attribution solution for Pension Funds, Insurance Companies, Sovereign Wealth Funds, and Asset managers. With its extensive range of performance measures and attribution models for all asset classes, PEARL provides you with valuable insights and improves your investment decision process. PEARL comes with an intuitive automated workflow support and can be seamlessly implemented into every environment. Our highly skilled team offers excellent support along the way.

PEARL 8 - the next generation of the acclaimed PEARL software

We have released PEARL 8, the latest version of our leading single-platform solution for investment performance measurement, attribution, ex-post risk and GIPS composites.

More about PEARL 8

PEARL is functional, flexible, and fast; an effortlessly scalable solution delivering a wide variety of return measures, attribution models, and risk statistics. You can acquire this unique product through licensing the PEARL software, which can be hosted by Ortec Finance or through our Investment Performance Service (IPS).

Functional Depth

The combination of functional depth and calculation speed makes the solution suitable for any investor: pension funds, asset managers, sovereign wealth funds, endowments, and insurers.

  • Performance can be calculated in various ways and results are available at all levels of granularity including fund, portfolio, asset, and stock level.
  • Look-through functionality for in-depth analysis of returns and contributions.
  • The integrated benchmark construction tool allows you to manage and create any benchmark, including blended and composite benchmarks.
  • Capture the added value of all your investment decisions with attribution models, including our proprietary model for complex multi-level portfolios and currency overlay.


The key to an efficient and cost-effective performance measurement function is to ensure consistent and correct data at all times.

  • Excellent data management, data checking and reconciliation capabilities with a comprehensive audit trail to provide transparency across the process.
  • Workflow dashboards ensure you are fully aware of the current production status.
  • Intuitive configuration of funds, portfolios, benchmarks, and the applicable performance attribution analyses, using templates where possible.
  • PEARL is based on solid software architecture to handle large amounts of data in an efficient way.

Distribution of Results

There are a multitude of internal and external stakeholders who require and receive performance and risk statistics. Ortec Finance Performance is fully aware of the various demands for information.

  • Web Portal for self-service reporting; users can access the results and analysis important to them when they want and from anywhere. In addition to a set of predefined reports, users can construct their own reports or run attributions on the fly.
  • An Excel plug-in is available to get easy access to a comprehensive database of return and attribution data including the full underlying time series.
  • An API web service is available to integrate results into client or marketing reports.

Our product has been developed in close cooperation with some of the world’s leading asset owners and asset managers. We have a thorough understanding of their business and the challenges they are facing. This translates into continuous improvement of our product and models to keep up with technology and market demands. We are committed to making every implementation a success story and have an excellent track record.

Data Management and Workflow Support

  • Dashboard visualising the production process
  • User-definable data validation and reconciliation
  • Audit trail to track and report data changes
  • Batch processing and reloads, including backdated changes

Performance Measurement and Attribution

Multiple return definitions

  • MWR, TWR and IRR
  • Weighting of cash flows
  • Base, local, hedged
  • Net and gross
  • Benchmark construction tool

Benchmark construction tool

  • Composites including rebalancing
  • Hurdles and spreads
  • Base, local, hedged
  • Consistency between index and constituents’ level

Wide variety of attribution models

  • Top-down model for balanced portfolios and multi-level decision processes
  • Asset class specific models for equity, fixed income, private assets and currency
  • Risk attribution to analyse the risk-return trade- off

GIPS module for composite management, calculations and reporting


  • Self-service reporting capabilities via Web Portal and Excel plug-in
  • Immediate insight via dashboard, full suite of customisable reports
  • Risk and return measures for any period and aggregation level
  • Extensive library of return, attribution, and risk measures

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