Recent posts about our 3-step approach and successful implementation projects for complex investment portfolios raised interest in and questions about our process. Over the years, our Investment Performance global implementation team has set up and successfully finished implementation projects for a diverse set of clients. The experience gained led to a three-step approach that the team uses to ensure the smooth configuration of attributions, no matter how complex the clients’ investment portfolio.

Following another successful go live, Bas Leerink commented: “We are glad to see people are interested to learn about how we deal with setting up insightful attributions. And a bit surprised too, because for us, the approach is sort of a no-brainer. It is simple but very effective and ensures that the complexity is reduced. Having this approach optimally supported in the PEARL system lays the foundation for smooth implementation projects that provide very meaningful insights to our clients”.

Each implementation project is different and each portfolio has its underlying specific, implicit or explicit investment decisions that need to be taken into account. Download this leaflet to learn what the Ortec Finance 3-step approach looks like. In short, it comes down to these three steps:

  1. Fundamental definition choices: Define the type of attribution, the portfolio and benchmark you want to compare it with
  2. Attribution hierarchy: Select the attribution hierarchy. This is important from both a reporting and calculation perspective
  3. Calculation details: Specify the calculation settings and think carefully about the details of the excess return you want to explain.

Download leaflet

If you want to know more about our 3-step approach in configuring attributions, do not hesitate to contact Bas Leerink.


Download leaflet

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