Ortec Finance’s performance measurement & attribution platform, PEARL, is undergoing major infrastructure changes to reduce storage size, improve runtime and modernize reporting capabilities.

These developments are nearing completion as PEARL 9 is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2023.

PEARL 9 is being developed around two central themes: an extensive restructuring of its attribution calculations and modernization of the reporting capabilities. Regarding the first, a new setup will result in lower server resource usage and increased calculation speed. It is anticipated that increased calculation speed may result up to an 40% improvement, depending on the system set-up.


Pearl 9


As for the second, this includes improved report navigation, additional flexibility when designing reports and extensions to the API framework.

During several on-site workshops, clients tested and reviewed a preliminary version of PEARL 9. With the feedback gathered, the development phase now enters its final stage. A milestone towards the final release.

More information on PEARL 9 and the exact release date will follow in the coming months.

Contact oliver.henriquez@ortec-finance.com if you are interested to learn more about PEARL 9.

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