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To secure the financial viability on the short and medium term it is important that the financial goals of the housing association and the those of the regulator, funders, and rating agencies, are met. This requires good financial forecasting models, efficient data management and in-depth understanding of the main risk drivers. But not only the financials are important. In fact, as a housing association you want to maximise your social contribution, but also meet the fire safety and decent homes standards. This is challenging, especially in an economic environment with increasing energy, maintenance and building costs, rising interest rates and high inflations. And on top of that political uncertainty, leading to questions about maximum rent increases in the future.

WALS supports financial risk management. The fundament of our forecasting model is based on the individual units, loans, bonds, and derivatives. Easy uploads from your asset register and treasury management system avoids time consuming manual work. A quick start to set-up your plan and an easy way to create multiple scenarios, helps you to optimise your investment plan. In a sense that we look at the investments that deliver the highest social contribution taking the limitations of your Golden Rules into account. Of course, also the FFR statements are available in our model, and we calculate different valuations at the same time. This gives you the opportunity to report on historical value, but also existing use value and market values are available.

Key Features WALS

  • Integral multi-year simulation of assets and liabilities
  • Valuation of real estate against the market value in rented state (EUV-SH or MV-T), market value in vacant possession (MV-VP) or historical costimpact of different investment strategies
  • Advanced stress testing, based on our economic scenario model
  • Simulation on individual unit and loan level, based on uploads from your asset register and treasury management system
  • Dashboard tooling for financial and non-financial metrics
  • Easy to add and compare plans

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Consultancy and training

  • Execution of merger and regional analyses etc.
  • Review of financial multi-year budget by quality analysis or quality scan in
  • Support for determining recovery plans
  • Skills training and WALS course
  • Risk management course
  • Stress Analysis


If you have any questions on WALS, please get in touch David Kronbichler via the contact details below.

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