Regulators place significant focus on ERM, nurturing a strong risk culture in the insurance industry. What does it entail precisely and how can technology smoothly support this? ERM is the process of identifying, assessing, measuring, monitoring, controlling, and mitigating all relevant risks. To be comprehensive, ERM includes financial, operational, liquidity, asset/liability, insurance and climate risks in respect of the insurer, the group it belongs to, and, if applicable, the group it is in control of. This broad range of risk elements can be efficiently dealt with using GLASS in a single technology platform.

Improve your Enterprise Risk Management tasks

Learn how to execute your ERM task in a single environment, including activity areas such as Asset Liability Management (ALM), Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA), assessing your Risk Appetite and Risk Budgeting, deriving Management Actions (What-if) and determining your Future Free Capital Generation (FCG).

In this 10 page whitepaper you will find definitions of the above elements, also how each specific risk category, mitigation measures and their interactions can be simulated to determine the optimum. Find out how your ERM tasks can be managed in a single technology platform to help achieve your company’s objectives.

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