When regulations in Canada were amended and the requirements for philanthropic organizations changed, it provided the catalyst for the Calgary Foundation to undertake a Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) study.

In trusting Ortec Finance to complete this complex work, the Calgary Foundation had several stipulations: the Foundation needed to be able to maintain their purchasing power, while keeping up charitable spending. At the same time minimizing risk was also important, so as to reduce their grant disbursement volatility. 

While the Foundation’s real return target, driven by a regulatory spending rate, was hard to match, Ortec Finance was able to construct two candidate portfolios which offered better asset values at a reduced level of risk. This will allow the Calgary Foundation to sustain their philanthropic endeavors over the long term.

About Calgary Foundation

Calgary Foundation flows millions of dollars to every corner of our city every year, supporting causes as myriad as our population. As those funds spread, our hope is that they bring something else with them - the knowledge that a city is a profound thing to share. In 2022-23, Calgary Foundation granted $61.7 million to 1,149 charities. The Foundation has an asset base of $1.3 billion and received $37 million in new gifts this past year.

About Ortec Finance

Ortec Finance is the leading provider of technology and solutions for risk and return management. It is Ortec Finance’s purpose to enable people to manage the complexity of investment decisions.

This is accomplished via the delivery of leading technologies and solutions for investment decision-making to financial institutions around the world. Ortec Finance’s strength lies in an effective combination of advanced models, innovative technology, and in- depth market knowledge. This combination of skills and expertise supports investment professionals in achieving a better risk-return ratio and thus better results.

Headquartered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Ortec Finance has offices in Amsterdam, London, Toronto, Zurich, Melbourne, and New York. Read more about our work, here

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