During last week’s webinar, all great features of the PALgamma model were presented as Ortec Finance has recently acquired Predict Ability Ltd (PAL). The PALgamma model is an extreme weather risk & climate-change related impact model. It is uniquely positioned to quantify year-on-year and region-by-region exposure to physical climate risk and to forecasting the financial impact of climate related extreme weather events. PAL enables financial institutions to quantify future climate change related physical risks per climate pathway based on the client’s specific geographical exposure to these risks.

This is relevant for financial institutions such as Banks, Real Estate Managers, Pension and Insurance companies

During the webinar, we informed you on the capabilities and added value of PAL for financial institutions, to calculate the financial impact of extreme weather on Mortgage risks, Real estate valuation, P&C underwriting risks and Capital market assumptions.

  • Enhance in-house catastrophe models (P&C, liabilities, etc.) with forward-looking climate scenario information
  • Recalculate real estate or mortgage portfolio physical risks
  • Upgrade climate-related physical risk disclosure
  • Calibrate carbon pricing measures against the climate change-related impact of carbon emissions

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For more information, please contact Tessa Kuijl or contact Ortec Finance Climate and ESG solution via Climate@ortec-finance.com.

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