GLASS FLOW is Ortec Finance’s liability-driven investment decision-making and Strategic Risk Management solution for pension funds, endowments and foundations. Based on our Asset Liability Management GLASS platform, GLASS FLOW features a next-generation user interface and a guided workflow to enhance ease-of-use and efficiency.


Support strategic investment decisions with scenario analysis.

Monitor your forward-looking objectives and risk metrics.

Full balance sheet modeling – GLASS FLOW offers integrated projections of your assets and liabilities.

Powered by our proprietary factor-driven Economic Scenario Generator.

Structured workflow and easy-to-use, modern user interface.

What can you do with GLASS FLOW

Liability-driven SAA

  • Optimize your liability-driven investment strategy, including alternative asset classes
  • Funded ratio risk factor decomposition
  • What-if scenario analysis
  • Understand and mitigate the impact of systemic climate risk on your portfolio by analyzing different global warming pathways
  • Investigate added value of potential new asset classes

Strategic Risk Management

  • Monitor forward-looking key metrics
  • Analyze the impact of your latest valuation and asset allocations
  • Assess the impact of the current financial market circumstances on forward-looking risk and return
  • Feedback loop to strategic decisions
  • Increase the probability of reaching your strategic objectives


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