Understanding climate change’s economic impacts with one of the world’s most advanced macroeconomic models.

Cambridge Econometrics’ globally recognized E3ME model is a key component of Ortec Finance’s ClimateMAPS - climate scenario analysis solution. By utilizing it within our Ortec Finance Climate Scenarios, we can incorporate a comprehensive range of climate-related transition risk drivers, including low-carbon regulatory and fiscal policies, technology uptake, energy demand and emissions at country and sector levels.  

Ortec Finance has exclusive rights to access E3ME within its proprietary climate scenario modeling, as part of a longstanding partnership with Cambridge Econometrics established in 2019. 

Why we utilize E3ME to model climate transition risks  


Capture the effects of the low-carbon transition on the real economy at a highly granular sector and regional level 


Model the impact of a wide range of policies to reduce CO₂ emissions for individual countries  


Model the dynamic take-up of technologies, taking account of real-world frictions 


Account for worldwide macro-economic interactions and industry supply chain interdependencies 


Realistically represent the financial sector in a way that allows for investment stimulus effects via its non-equilibrium modeling approach

E3ME Diagram

Applying E3ME to ClimateMAPS

The data generated from E3ME is integrated with our proprietary stochastic financial model and extreme weather (acute physical risk) modeling tool to quantify climate change risks and opportunities for investors. Together, we believe this combined approach provides the most robust modeling available in the market, with a realistic and comprehensive assessment of climate change’s impacts under different plausible futures across a wide range of economic variables and asset classes, geographies and sectors.

Learn more about ClimateMAPS - climate scenario analysis  



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