We model and map relevant uncertainties to help you monitor your goals and decisions. Established by foremost experts in the fields of Econometrics and Technology, we have garnered an exceptional reputation for reliability over the past 35 years. Serving over 600 clients across more than 20 countries, we play a pivotal role in enhancing our clients' investment decision making, and managing their uncertainty.

Headquartered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, we also have offices in Amsterdam, London, Toronto, Zürich, Melbourne, Singapore and New York. Some key facts:
  • 20+ countries represented
  • 600+ customers
  • 96% retention rate
  • 14 trillion euros in assets managed by our clients
  • 94% of surveyed clients are very satisfied with us

Our roots

In 1981 a group of PhD students discovered that by applying innovative modeling techniques they could support companies in making better decisions and therefore improving their efficiency and quality. And that is still our mission today: 

We enable people to manage the complexity of investment decision making.

Because we passionately believe that everybody benefits from better decisions.

Our vision

Models combined with technology provide easy access to complex knowledge, based on vast amounts of data and experiences. Models based on profound market knowledge and used in a proper way contribute to consistency, transparency, and efficiency. These models can thereby help you to become more successful in achieving your objectives.

Our mission statement

It is our mission to enable people - from the professional at a large institutional investor to the private investor saving for personal goals - to manage the complexity of investment decision making. We do this by delivering leading technologies and solutions based on the latest scientific insights.

Models at our core

We design, build, and deliver high-quality software models for asset-liability management, risk management, (impact investment) portfolio construction, performance measurement & attribution, and financial planning. Using the latest technology, data, and market knowledge and in collaboration with our global clients, we continuously find new ways to face the growing complexity of investment decision making.

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Impact on society

Our main driver is to enable as many people as possible to make their own investment decisions and improve their ability to reach their financial, environmental, or e.g., social objectives in a balanced way. In addition we provide insights and technology to society as a whole and integrate sustainability into decision making by our clients.

We are committed to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 by means of minimizing our CO2 emissions substantially and by offsetting any residual emissions. Throughout this journey, we are receiving support from Nexio Projects, a specialized company.

Ortec Finance Diversity and inclusion statement

Ortec Finance ESG statement

Executive team

This skilled group of professionals is responsible for our strategic direction.

Ton van Welie

Chief Executive Officer

Martijn Vos

Chief Operating Officer

Hens Steehouwer

Chief Innovation Officer

Godert Burghard

Chief Commercial Officer

How we work

With proven models and a holistic & data-driven approach, we enable our clients to make better investment decisions. No matter what we have achieved, we always strive to do better. We continuously improve our models, our solutions, and our way of working. This continuous innovation helps us to remain relevant for our clients by keeping up with market developments, anticipating trends & opportunities emerging from new technology and legislation.

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Meet our employees

We employ some of the keenest minds in the industry. They passionately contribute to our vision and mission. They are independent and reliable. They avoid conflicts of interest and go all the way to deliver what is promised.

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Client stories & our partners

We work for -and with- the best in the world, market leaders in the field of pensions, sovereign and private wealth, insurance, and asset management. Municipalities and housing associations also form an essential part of our customer base. What they have in common? They all want to be sure their investment decisions have a solid, substantiated, and reliable foundation. Please read some of their stories here.

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