Investment decisions are continuously reviewed to quantify how much value they add. For this purpose we have provided performance measurement and attribution solutions for over two decades to a global client base. Investment decisions may range from strategic asset allocations to sector bets in a global equity portfolio. Our solutions evaluate the impact of every single investment decisions by a full range of attribution models, both top-down and bottom-up. With our software and services we ensure that our clients can deliver performance reports in a cost efficient way.

The key goal of Performance Measurement and Attribution is to deepen the understanding of where (active) returns originate and to provide consistent insight into the value added and the risk associated with each investment decision. The Ortec Finance Performance Measurement and Attribution solution (PEARL) provides this valuable information to Asset Managers, Pension Funds, Insurance Companies, and Sovereign Wealth Funds. This allows them to remain in control and have the best possible starting point for improving their investment decision making. 

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Different challenges, one solution

  • I am looking for a performance measurement and attribution system, to automate my performance measurement, attribution and reporting processes
    Calculating performance and attribution results without the help of a professional performance measurement solution can be very time consuming and error-prone. The PEARL system offers a single platform for automating the full performance measurement workflow, including the management of high volumes of portfolio and benchmark data, configuration of a large range of calculation options and attribution models, and flexible reporting of the calculated results.
  • I am looking to outsource the performance measurement, attribution and reporting function
    Our Investment Performance Service (IPS) can be a good solution for organisations who are not willing or able to execute the processes involved with performance measurement, attribution and reporting in-house. IPS is a fully serviced solution, where the client only needs to provide the required input data, and receives validated performance reports in return. All aspects of the performance measurement workflow, such as data management, functional configuration and maintenance, calculation and reporting are taken care of by Ortec Finance.
  • I am looking for a solution which is capable of analysing performance even for the most complex investment portfolios and strategies.
    Analysing and attributing performance for non-standard investment portfolios can be a quite a struggle. Examples include performance measurement for overlay strategies (e.g. centralized currency management), decision based attribution of multi-asset portfolios including various strategic and tactical allocation levels, handling of derivative strategies, fixed income and factor attribution, etcetera. Our solutions are specifically well-suited for handling such complex analyses.
  • I am looking to improve efficiency, quality and speed of my performance calculation and reporting processes
    The PEARL software offers the tools needed to optimize performance calculation and reporting processes. Intuitive and guiding user interfaces help users to operate the system effectively and efficiently. An extensive data checking framework helps to identify data errors quickly and improve the quality of the calculated results. The calculation engine is optimized for speed, so that results can be made available to the various stakeholders within an organisation as soon as possible.

A few of our Delighted Customers

Insight into added value

Our decision-based approach offers valuable insight into the added value of different stakeholders. This helps you to stay in control and determine what can be improved in your investment decision process. It also helps maximize transparency by allowing you to recall and justify every single step in the investment decision process, which makes it easy to explain every decision you make.

Greater efficiency

Usability and efficient workflows are increasingly important for software solutions. The PEARL user interface has a strong focus on aiding and guiding the workflow for performing data management tasks and configuring system calculations. The web-based user interface for scheduling and monitoring calculation jobs and a workflow for handling data and configuration check results, considerably improve your efficiency . Flexibility can also lead to a higher efficiency, which is why we use the latest interfacing standards to load data and make results available within the organization. PEARL is based on a solid software architecture to handle large amounts of data in aa efficient way.