Ortec Finance is the leading provider of technology and solutions for risk and return management.

It is our purpose to enable people to manage the complexity of investment decisions. We do this through delivering leading technologies and solutions for investment decision-making to financial institutions around the world. Our strength lies in an effective combination of advanced models, innovative technology and in-depth market knowledge. This combination of skills and expertise supports investment professionals in achieving a better risk-return ratio and thus better results.

Headquartered in Rotterdam, Ortec Finance has offices in Amsterdam, London, Toronto, Hong Kong, Zurich and Melbourne.

  • 20+ countries represented
  • 500+ customers
  • 96% retention rate
  • 3 trillion euro total assets managed by our clients


Ton van Welie
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High-quality models

We design, build and deliver high-quality software models for asset-liability management, ex-ante and ex-post risk management, performance measurement and risk attribution, and financial planning. Our clients are market leaders in the field of pensions, sovereign and private wealth, insurance, and asset management. Municipalities and housing associations also form part of our customer base.

Proven results

You want to be sure that the investment decisions you take have a solid, substantiated and reliable foundation. Our high quality software models are based on the latest scientific insights and years of practical experience.

This allows you to achieve three important results:

  • More efficient decision making. You make your decisions based on full, insightful and relevant information. This leads to more efficient and better decision making.
  • Higher returns. Our software models give you in-depth understanding. This allows you to consciously and timely adapt your policy to achieve better results.
  • Enhanced governance and accountability. Our models are fully transparent. This allows you to easily justify your decisions to your stakeholders and demonstrate your added value. 


Ortec Finance was created in 2007 through a management buyout of the company ORTEC bv, which was founded in 1981 by four innovative students of econometrics at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam who believed that mathematical models could be used to optimize the performance of companies. More than 35 years later, this is still the core of our expertise. With a team of 300 experts in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, London, Zurich, Toronto, Hong Kong and Melbourne, we serve our customers completely independently.