Ortec Finance’s goals-based wealth solution OPAL is the first mature solution to migrate to the corporate cloud-native environment platform created in collaboration with Microsoft and Red Hat. This video explains why this was done, how it enables further growth, and what it means to engineers to have a cloud-native way of working.

Video transcript below:

Goals-based wealth platform OPAL was the first to migrate

Tessa Kuijl, Managing Director Global Wealth Solutions: “Ortec Finance offers technology solutions to pension funds, insurance companies, asset managers, banks, and wealth management companies. Our customers expect good insights into expected future returns, as well as the risks around asset classes and financial market developments. And that our software itself is reliable.

“In 2019, we wanted to enable further growth of our company. With a global customer base, we face increasingly challenging regulatory demands. The Goals-Based Planning department delivers and supports the OPAL software solution to the bank and wealth management industry. The goals-based wealth platform OPAL is the first mature platform to migrate to Red Hat and the first to implement the company-wide tech strategy.”

Cloud-native company-wide tech strategy

Milan Seijbel, Chief Technology Officer: “Cloud-native is actually about how you're building your applications and running them. This means they are resilient, automated, and have minimal overhead, but it does require a change of mindset for the involved engineers. That required alignment as well as some handovers of roles and responsibilities.”

Collaboration Microsoft and Red Hat

Joris Cramwinckel, Technologist: “We onboarded the goals-based wealth solutions team to our cloud-native platform by educating the engineers and working towards solutions in collaboration with Microsoft and Red Hat.

“The cloud-native way of working allows both platform engineers and software engineers to declare everything as code, which is a superpower provided by OpenShift tools like Tekton, Kustomize, and Argo CD. These are all best-of-breed solutions provided with enterprise support through managed Openshift.

“We want to enable growth. We can do that by leveraging our managed services, and Azure Red Hat OpenShift really checks the boxes here. We innovate our platform the same way we innovate with our products. With ARO, we can scale our workloads in harmony with our infrastructure using a framework called Sailfish. We ran experiments, scaling computations up to 1.500 CPUs and scaling back within 20 minutes. That's very powerful. Red Hat OpenShift helps assure the quality of the service we bring to our customers. We always want the best available, and with Red Hat, we get that.”


Tessa Kuijl
Managing Director
Global Wealth Solutions

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Milan Seijbel
Chief Technology Officer

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Joris Cramwinckel

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