Our 2024 Ortec Finance Climate Scenarios are designed to assess the economic and financial impact of climate change under a range of plausible futures.

It measures and quantifies the economic and asset class impacts under different futures to help investors identify and understand how physical climate risk impacts, the net-zero transition and pricing-in dynamics could manifest and impact investment portfolios.

This year’s update incorporates all major factors that are likely to impact the transition to net-zero including the latest policy and regulatory changes across all major jurisdictions, the fuel and commodity price hikes of 2022-2023, continued worldwide uptake of solar and other renewable energies and the effects of the current El Niño event.

Download our 20 minute webinar to gain an overview of the potential market implications and how each scenario can be utilized to inform investment decisions.

You may also be interested in our webinar about the fundamentals of climate scenario analysis for investors and our whitepaper that explains the differences between various types of climate scenarios.

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