Climate change is a complex risk factor

Identify and understand how physical climate risk impacts, the net-zero transition and pricing-in dynamics could manifest and impact investment portfolios.

ClimateMAPS is Ortec Finance’s climate scenario analysis solution, in exclusive partnership with Cambridge Econometrics, that enables financial institutions to quantify climate change risks and identify opportunities, with global coverage of 600+ economic and financial variables.

Prepare for climate change. Translate different plausible futures into financial impacts.


Why manage climate risks with ClimateMAPS?

  • The results obtained from a choice of in-house Ortec Finance climate scenarios, publicly-available reference scenarios (NGFS) and bespoke scenarios can be combined and integrated with traditional investment risk analysis
  • Our approach is exclusively integrated with globally recognized and market-leading models, including Ortec Finance’s stochastic financial model and Cambridge Econometrics’s E3ME macro-econometric model
  • Our models capture an extensive range of systemic climate transition, physical and market risks
  • We provide comprehensive global coverage with 100+ economic variables and 450+ conventional and low-carbon benchmarks across major and key asset classes, along with a wide range of sectors.
  • Access deeper insights with our unique and interactive ‘Climate Scenario Explorer’ dashboard containing qualitative scenario narratives, insights on key trends and other expert explanations.

Understand financial impacts

Monitor how economic and asset class impacts will differ over the next 40 years

Undertake portfolio stress test

Undertake portfolio stress-testing


Integrate climate change

Inform strategic asset allocation and adhere to TCFD & ISSB reporting requirements

Include climate risks

Utilize with our economic scenario solution to incorporate climate risk into investment decision-making. 

Our climate scenario whitepapers

The ambition of Ortec Finance is to offer a combination of solutions that help investors to integrate climate change into their decision making in a consistent and seamless way. Ortec Finance provides a unique combination of economic scenarios and narrative-based climate scenarios that supports such integrated and consistent analyses.

For more information about incorporating climate risk into investment decision making please read:

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Learn how you can gain a quantified understanding of how climate change may impact investments with climate scenario analysis.

Unlocking the true value of climate scenarios.

Discover the differences between the various types of narrative-based climate scenarios

From climate risk analysis to investment decision making.

Understand how economic scenarios and narrative-based climate scenarios can be utilized together to incorporate climate risk into investment decision-making

Webinar recording: The fundamentals of climate scenario analysis for investors

Climate webinar 2

Watch our 20 minute webinar to find out how climate scenario analysis can specifically help investors understand climate change's impact on investments.

Webinar recording: 2024 Ortec Finance Climate Scenarios

Climate webinar

Watch our 20 minute webinar to learn how each Ortec Finance climate scenario can specifically help inform investment decisions.

Ready to learn more about how ClimateMAPS can help you prepare your investments for the impacts of climate change?

Stay informed on the latest insights on sustainable finance and climate-risk management

We invite you to subscribe to Radar, our quarterly newsletter designed to help financial institutions and investors gain insights on how climate change-related impacts can be integrated into an investment process to help enable an effective transition to net-zero. Previous topics include the role of climate scenarios in the investment process and whether climate change could trigger a global financial crisis.  

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Our other innovative climate solutions  

Here at Ortec Finance, we believe that addressing climate risks is an integral part of the investment process and expect climate solutions to become essential in enabling the global investment community to effectively transition to net-zero. To support the investment community, our Climate & ESG Solutions team is continuing to explore and develop additional climate solutions for the future. Learn more about these initiatives below. 

About Cambridge Econometrics

Cambridge Econometrics is an award-winning economics consultancy based in Cambridge (UK), Brussels, Budapest and Northampton, Massachusetts. Their globally recognised macroeconomic model E3ME underpins its rigorous and independent approach to helping clients make evidence-based investment and policy decisions with confidence, providing clear, intelligent and actionable insights.

E3ME fuels Cambridge Econometric’s strategic partnership with Ortec Finance through simulating interactions and dynamics of the economy for climate scenario analysis, testing the impact of different global temperature pathways and assessing the impact of physical and transitional climate-related risks.


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