Goal Based Planning

OPAL’s core mission is to help people with investment decisions. Especially under recent uncertain market conditions and volatility, this has been more relevant than before. OPAL Planning and OPAL for Salesforce support this mission by providing realistic projections of how individual client’s investment portfolio will grow over time and translating client goals into a personal & actionable plan based on a holistic overview of a client’s financial situation. This enables clients or their advisors to make timely course corrections in case their long term goals are off-track due to changes in their financial situation or performance of their portfolios. OPAL Planning and OPAL for Salesforce support clients and advisors to manage their long term goals efficiently, while simultaneously increasing its probability of success.


Unique Analysis based on Economic Scenarios

The Goal Based Planning solution is unique on the market as it uses realistic portfolio projections of institutional quality, based on monthly updated economic scenarios for more than 700 asset classes. Rather than using a standard Monte Carlo model, our projections are not only based on historical performance, but also take complex patterns into account between asset classes and economic indicators, current market conditions and other market information such as the recent pandemic, Climate Change and central bank monetary policy. Realistic, and high quality, forward looking projections are essential to enable relevant insights to clients and to make timely course corrections to their plan if necessary. These scenarios are tested and proven on the institutional market.

Scalable solutions for all advice channels

The OPAL platform is available through API’s as well as a plug and play user interface for advisors or PMs. Our high speed REST API enables organizations to implement the capabilities directly into existing platforms or client-facing web applications, e.g. to support robo-advice client journeys, hybrid advisor experience or other technology platforms such as CRM, Portfolio Management or Financial Planning software. The user interface can be linked to external data sources, supports single sign on and the look and feel can be adjusted to provide a seamless experience for the user.

Institutional grade economic scenarios

Scenario analysis helps the client to decide if the risks taken are acceptable and enables the advisor to manage the client’s expectations accurately. High quality scenarios lead to improved insight and subsequently to better investment decisions. The OPAL platform is founded on proven asset and liability management techniques from the world of institutional investments and gives access to the Economic Scenario Generator of Ortec Finance. This powerful stochastic projection engine generates real-world economic scenarios that reflect plausible future developments, which are built on sophisticated analysis of historical behavior, honed by over 40 years of serving the world’s leading institutional markets.

APIs for calculation & optimization

OPAL capabilities support global digital trends by offering access to a high-speed calculation engine, through multiple API modules, hosted in a private cloud (SaaS) or on premise. Our API’s are flexible and easily integrated into existing architecture, guaranteeing real-time web service and fast performance. It also supports hybrid solutions and delivers an optimal base structure for omni-channel strategies.

24/7 Monitoring, alerts & calls for action

One of the unique features of the OPAL platform is the ability to provide continuous monitoring of client goals. As clients financial situations or market conditions change, the feasibility of all client goals are automatically updated and support off track signaling, with calls for action if needed. Continuous monitoring of the risks, return and financial goals of individual clients for the entire client base allows for proactive and more efficient client management. Permanent monitoring simultaneously increases trust and satisfaction of the client and, as a consequence, positively impacts business retention.

Global solution, Local implementation

The OPAL platform is implemented in numerous countries. Our tooling offers multiple language packages and country specific asset classes, default portfolio settings and products. Our coverage extends to more than 700 global asset classes, including exotic categories such as hedge funds, private equity and debt. Additionally, we enable a multi-currency approach, supporting multi-country organizations and advisors with insights across risks and opportunities of cross-border accounts.

Integrated Cash Flow & Wealth Planning

The OPAL Planning module contains a cash flow planning tool that is localized for pensions, products and taxes in multiple jurisdictions. Validated by external experts, it enables integrated cash flow planning to easily identify possible budget shortfalls or surpluses, which supports efficient decision making. The combined approach creates a clear picture of a client’s personal financial situation development, and can be used to answer multiple client questions. OPAL differentiates itself from all other financial planning tools by integrating the effect of investment risks on the realization of expenditure goals.

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We are not afraid to challenge each other

Tom Loonen of InsingerGilissen is convinced that the work of private bankers will not be made superfluous by digitization. Which does not take away the fact that digitization produces good tools that can help him facilitate customers.

“We appreciate that Ortec Finance positions itself as an independent party that also dares to pose critical questions about our governance, investment policy, and how we guarantee good risk management.”


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