More freedom of choice regarding retirement planning for individuals and an increasing level of responsibility with respect to pension require an appropriate range of products and guidance of the individual in his/her choice. The shift from a Defined Benefit to a Defined Contribution market means that this trend is speeding up. As DC provider it is important that you construct an appropriate (costs and risks) pension product that is in line with the personal situation of the individual. To make a good choice, it is important that it is made clear from the perspective of the complete financial situation. As a result, there is a growing need for resources to provide guidance to individuals in these choices based on a complete financial overview. Ortec Finance’s software, for retirement investment strategies and retirement planning, supports you both in product design and in communicating the financial expectations and risks to you customers.

Product Design

Ortec Finance has many years of international experience in Asset and Liability Management (ALM) for pension funds and insurance companies. Various pension schemes are partly the result of decision support in this area through our GLASS platform. In doing so, we make use of our advanced Economic Scenario Generator to present the expectations regarding returns and risks and construct appropriate product solutions. An example of this is an individual pension product with a dynamic life-cycle or glide path that suits the individual pension ambition, in which the asset allocation, risk attitude and/or deposit can be adjusted over time. With GLASS, various product configurations can be composed and compared for various personas.


An appropriate product is only successful if participants understand the added value and are adequately guided in the choices they can make regarding their retirement planning. Communicating about only one pension scheme or claim does not help an individual to make a good pension choice. It is important to present all pension entitlements (both the 1st, 2nd and 3rd pillar) and preferably also the claims of a possible partner. This determines whether the total income is enough to be able to continue the desired lifestyle or retire at the desired age. With our OPAL platform, we are able to produce an integral financial overview and the technological  progress in the availability of data allows you to present it to participants in an accessible way. This may comprise offering personal client journeys that provide insight in, for example, a choice within a pension scheme, but early retirement, reduced working hours or additional savings are also possible. That way pension communication is not an obligation but a valued service which also contributes to additional customer loyalty.

OPAL enables goal-based investment decision-making. We leverage our institutional investment risk management expertise by using top-notch calculations as the core of the solution. This enables financial institutions to translate personal goals of their clients into an optimal financial plan and monitor these goals over time.

Consistent Application Economic Scenarios

What's unique about Ortec Finance is that we use the same economic scenarios both in product design and in communication, and thus manage to bring these disciplines together in our 2 platforms in a consistent manner.

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  • High quality global economic scenarios
  • Global knowledge and expertise in pension advice and design
  • High-performance calculation engine for individual pension communication
  • MiFID compliant advisory process
  • Integrated solutions


Different challenges, one solution

  • Complete overview
  • Adjusting retirement income
  • High-performance calculation engine
  • Integrated asset and cash flow planning

Will my clients retirement income be sufficient?

New technology means your clients no longer need to fill out information every time. Often a single login suffices to bring up the available information, making it much easier for them to arrive at a complete overview. You can activate your clients by offering them more options to act and allowing them to play with topics like early retirement planning or supplementing a pension gap.

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I want my clients to be able to safely, easily and rapidly adjust their retirement income

Our OPAL calculation engine provides a complete financial planning, taking into account all financial risks and taxation. Additionally, we offer you a unique solution which seamlessly connects asset accumulation and pension payments (decumulation), including an integrated risk approach.

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I need a high-performance calculation engine

Ortec Finance offers you the engine through an ISAE certified data center with high computing power, meaning that your clients can safely, easily and rapidly play with their retirement income.

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I need an integrated asset and cash flow planning including risks

We offer you a unique solution which seamlessly connects asset accumulation and pension payments (decumulation), including an integrated risk approach

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  • Insinger Gilissen

We are not afraid to challenge each other

Tom Loonen of InsingerGilissen is convinced that the work of private bankers will not be made superfluous by digitization. Which does not take away the fact that digitization produces good tools that can help him facilitate customers.

“We appreciate that Ortec Finance positions itself as an independent party that also dares to pose critical questions about our governance, investment policy, and how we guarantee good risk management.”


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