Ortec Finance is a leading Asset Liability Management (ALM) and Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) provider for insurance companies. As an independent specialist, Ortec Finance enables your work via GLASS: a full risk management simulation software solution for modeling insurance liabilities, asset classes, investment policies, and economic scenarios. Asset Liability Management or ORSA analysis improves your understanding of your balance sheet dynamics to support strategic decision making and achieve your company's objectives.

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Ortec Finance offers Asset Liability Management and ORSA solutions in the form of software as well as a set of services. The risk management software enables you to control strategic decisions in-house. Alternatively, the service model provides access to highly skilled consultants and reporting services. This covers all types of insurance companies, such as Life, Non-Life, and Health insurers.

As an insurer you need to manage your balance sheet effectively in order to provide certainty for policy holders, while simultaneously safeguarding the interests of other stakeholders such as regulators and shareholders. You need to identify the major risk sources and gain insight in the impact on the future development of assets, liabilities, and ultimately your solvency position. Based on the insight that an Asset Liability Management or ORSA analysis provides, senior management and trustees can formulate a strategic policy that aims to achieve the strategic objectives while reflecting the interests and risk appetite of all stakeholders.

Asset Liability Management and ORSA analyses provide insight which allows to formulate a strategic policy that achieves your strategic objectives, reflecting the interests and risk appetite of all stakeholders.

Creating a strategic policy framework

The outcome of an Asset Liability Management exercise with GLASS, is a strategic policy framework This includes an integrated (dynamic) investment, product, and company policy which takes into account the relevant regulatory requirements. You can also use an Asset Liability Management analysis to support a more detailed specification of a policy instrument, such as an investment policy analysis to address various allocation and hedging strategies, new and alternative asset classes, leverage, derivatives, and more.

Continuous evaluation of your investment strategy

A specification of your strategic policy refers to the first steps of the Strategic Risk Management framework. Over time, changes in the financial position or in market circumstances will affect the feasibility of your strategic objectives and the risk budget. This requires continuous evaluation of the strategy, referred to as Strategic Risk Management. For this purpose, Ortec Finance offers a consistent risk management simulation model via GLASS, which replicates integrated long term and short term risks and returns. 

More about GLASS for Insurance companies (brochure)

Experienced global service provider

  • Leading Asset Liability Management/ORSA provider for insurers and pension funds worldwide
  • Extensive possibilities for investment strategy analysis, including derivatives (overlays), private asset classes, life cycle, or target date funds
  • Expertise in configuring specific insurance products and valuation rules
  • Multinational approach enables aggregation of entities with differences in currency, insurance products, and regulatory requirements 

Thorough Risk Assessment

  • Monthly and annual simulations support the complete Strategic Risk Management framework for long-term and short-term strategy formulation and evaluation in a consistent way
  • One-of-a-kind economic scenario generator (DSG) and Ortec Finance Scenario set with a worldwide coverage of more than 600 economic variables and benchmarks


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