Furthering understanding of climate scenarios, risks and opportunities with quantitative charts, qualitative narratives and other essential climate-related financial insights.

After undergoing extensive redevelopment, our relaunched Climate Scenario Explorer—a unique aspect of  ClimateMAPS – enables users to comprehensively examine each of our in-house Ortec Finance Climate Scenarios as well as publicly available NGFS scenarios across a range of dynamic charts, videos and explanations.

In addition to offering scenario-specific insights and trends, the tool enables users to compare scenarios and detailed results across economies, asset classes and sectors worldwide. It also serves as a central source for climate science updates, policy and regulatory developments, and the methodology of our proprietary climate scenario modeling approach.

Climate scenario explorer

 Climate Scenario Explorer - features

Key insights climate scenario explorer

Key insights – Scenario overview, key trends and expert explanations 

Deepdive climate scenario explorer

Deep dive – Detailed climate, energy, macro-economic and financial modeling results

Knowledge Hub Climate Scenario Explorer

Knowledge hub – Methodology, views, assumptions and other climate-related resources 

 Climate Scenario Explorer - benefits

Climate scenario explorer in-depth analysis -

Allows for an extensive in-depth

Climate scenario explorer explanation of the world’s progression under each scenario 1

Provides a thorough explanation of the world’s progression under each scenario  

Climate scenario explorer Improves user understanding and stakeholder engagement -

Improves user understanding and stakeholder engagement

Brief demonstration - Climate Scenario Explorer

Our recent 2024 Ortec Finance Climate Scenarios webinar, which discuss the highlights of our latest update to our proprietary climate scenarios, in conjunction with our recent release of integrated economic and climate scenarios includes a brief demonstration of the tool.

Access the webinar recording  here 


Climate webinar

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 About ClimateMAPS

ClimateMAPS, Ortec Finance’s award-winning climate scenario analysis solution, offered in exclusive partnership with Cambridge Econometrics, enables financial institutions to quantify their portfolio’s climate risk exposure and identify opportunities relative to a baseline with 2°C to 3 °C degrees warming. With global coverage of over 600+ economic and financial variables, ClimateMAPS provides comprehensive insights to help financial institutions translate the impact of climate change on investments.

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