PEARL is Ortec Finance’s leading SaaS solution for Performance Measurement, Attribution, Ex-Post Risk and GIPS composites. PEARL is also the backbone of our fully outsourced Investment Performance Service (IPS).

Superior analytics

Superior Analytics

Easily build fund hierarchies and benchmark structures to analyze even the most complex investment strategies, including overlays.

Advanced data management tooling

Advanced Data Management Tooling

Efficiently manage high volumes of data, using PEARL's embedded data management solution & advanced quality controls.

Extensive reporting suite

Extensive Reporting Suite

Online and easy to use self-service reporting via a Web Portal that gives insight into a fund’s performance to various stakeholders.

High quality support

Get the best out of our solution with the help of our implementation and service teams, repeatedly rewarded with high client satisfaction.

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Solving your performance attribution challenges

  • Analysis
  • Calculation and reporting
  • Automation
  • ESG

You are looking for a solution capable of analyzing performance for modern investment portfolios based on complex strategies

PEARL is specifically well suited to provide insight in multi-asset portfolios, overlay strategies (e.g. centralized currency management), strategic and tactical allocation decisions, handling of derivatives, fixed income and ESG based strategies, by offering a wide range of flexible configurable attribution models..

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You want to improve efficiency, quality and speed of your performance calculation and reporting processes

PEARL offers the tools needed to optimize performance calculation and reporting processes. Intuitive and guiding user interfaces help you to operate the system effectively and efficiently. Our extensive data checking framework helps to identify data errors quickly and improve the quality of the calculated results. PEARL has been designed to provide a Performance Book of Records that makes all measurement and attribution results instantly, no matter the length of the reporting timeframe.

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You are seaking to automate your performance measurement, attribution and reporting processes

Calculating performance and attribution results without the help of a professional performance measurement solution can be very time consuming and error-prone. PEARL automates the full performance measurement workflow, including management of - and checking high volumes of portfolio and benchmark data, configuration of a large range of calculation options and attribution models, and flexible reporting of the calculated results.

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You are looking to assess the added value of your ESG policy, both in terms of impact as well as risk and return

PEARL is able to take ESG data into account and use this for an analysis of the added value of such strategy. PEARL can show the added value, or cost, of an exclusion policy by applying this to the portfolio benchmark and comparing the impact on for instance the return of the benchmark. ESG is a dynamic field and Ortec Finance is committed to quickly respond to the latest developments in this field, making sure the added value can be measured as well as attributed.

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PEARL for Asset Owners

Investment decisions are continuously reviewed to quantify how much value they add. These range from strategic asset allocation to sector bets in global equity portfolios. Our Performance Measurement and Attribution solution for pension funds, insurance companies, endowments and sovereign wealth funds capture all asset classes and strategies by a wide range of attribution models. This helps you to explain sources of your excess return as well as the impact of investments on funding ratio or solvency levels.


PEARL for Asset Managers

PEARL supports asset managers that want to grow their AuM in a cost-efficient manner. Demonstrate the added value of your investment strategies with a wide range of attribution models for all asset classes on a single platform. Leveraging our expertise in the institutional space, we understand the sophisticated demands from your clients. The fully automated and integrated workflow to support your daily processes makes this process more efficient.
  • New Zealand Superannuation Fund

Bringing transparency to the performance via attribution of investment decisions at New Zealand Superannuation Fund

Michael Mitchell, Head of Portfolio Risk at New Zealand Superannuation:

“NZSF was committed to providing stakeholders with a high level of transparency of its performance and portfolio holdings. A shift by the Fund also increased its performance reporting needs. As an innovative and global orientated company Ortec Finance met these needs.” 


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