Climate ALIGN monitors portfolio alignment with net-zero emissions by 2050

Climate ALIGN helps financial institutions assess the temperature alignment of current emissions reduction targets, commitments, investment portfolios, and lending portfolios.

Currently Available: Climate ALIGN Version 1.0

We now offer the Science Based Target initiative’s (SBTi) open source Temperature Scoring and Portfolio Coverage Tool ‘as a service’. We currently cover listed equity, corporate debt, sovereign debt & real-estate.

Collaboration Ortec Finance and Open Source Climate (OS-C)

The approach is based on the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) open source Temperature Scoring and Portfolio Coverage Tool. Ortec Finance, together with Open Source Climate (OS-C) are the original developers of the open source code base.

“SBTi’s financial sector framework and tooling is at the most sophisticated end of the spectrum"
Mark Carney  - former Governor of the Bank of England

Illustrative Visualization of the Temperature Score Outputs Per Company

Financial institutions can use Climate ALIGN V1.0 to:

  • Develop GHG emissions reduction targets (potentially for official validation by the SBTi)
  • Consistently monitor progress against set targets
  • Develop engagement strategies
  • Help with strategic security selection and allocation decisions
  • Showcase net-zero alignment leadership
  • Prepare for expected climate-related disclosure regulation

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