Climate ALIGN monitors portfolio alignment with net-zero emissions by 2050

Climate ALIGN helps financial institutions gain a forward-looking perspective of their portfolios' impact on the climate from holdings-level up to fund-level by evaluating its Implied Temperature Rise (ITR).

Our Approach

We work with a combination of proprietary and open source data inputs and methodologies to continually stay abreast of the latest developments in a rapidly evolving field.

We currently cover listed equity, corporate credit, sovereign debt, private assets, and real estate (coming soon: real assets). 

  1. Jointly with Climate MAPS, we offer consistent financial climate risk/return and ITR score perspectives through our partnership with Cambridge Econometrics' E3ME model.

  2. Research based.

  3. Covers individual holdings, asset classes and total portfolio levels.
“Recommendation 1: We recommend all financial institutions measure and disclose the alignment of their portfolios with the goals of the Paris Agreement using forward-looking metrics.”
TCFD PAT Technical Requirements 2021

Financial institutions can use Climate ALIGN to:

  • Develop GHG emissions reduction targets
  • Consistently monitor progress against set targets
  • Develop engagement strategies
  • Help with strategic security selection and allocation decisions
  • Showcase net-zero alignment leadership
  • Prepare for expected climate-related disclosure regulation
Overall ITR

Top Impact Sectors

Innovation showcase: Looking one step ahead - mitigating climate related financial risks and beyond

At the annual Economist Climate Risk Virtual Week Europe, Willemijn Verdegaal speaks about how portfolio alignment & climate scenario tools can consistently be combined to inform a net-zero strategy.

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