How do the investments of clients develop under different volatile conditions? Which steps should I take to make financial plan more sustainable? Reliable information concerning risk, return and the feasibility of future goals is essential when making financial decisions. Scenario analysis provides this information by visualizing how investments are likely to develop over time. Asset Management for Banks also demonstrates the impact of investment decisions, changes in the client’s wealth management and market developments.

Asset Management for Banks gives your clients better understanding of their possibilities in wealth management

High-quality scenarios lead to a wider understanding and consequently to better investment decisions in wealth management. In order to achieve the most realistic results, inflation risk, currency risk and various investment strategies are integrated into the OPAL projections. Client-specific information such as (international) taxes and costs of services are also taken into account. Clear visual tools help clients and advisors to better understand their options. Scenario analysis helps the client to determine if the risks taken are acceptable and enables the advisor to adequately manage the client’s expectations.

Real-world economic scenarios that reflect future developments

The OPAL platform is powered by the Dynamic Scenario Generator of Ortec Finance. This stochastic projection engine generates real-world economic scenarios that reflect plausible future developments based on advanced analyses of historical behavior. Benchmark selection is customizable, resulting in scenarios that completely fit the investment strategy of your company.

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