In the rapidly evolving wealth management industry, St. James’s Place (SJP) is setting a new standard for client engagement and advisor productivity. By leveraging Salesforce's Financial Services Cloud and Ortec Finance’s OPAL solution for goals-based planning, SJP aims to deliver highly personalized experiences to its clients, ensuring trust and loyalty in a competitive market.

SJP's commitment to modernizing client engagement is rooted in their recognition of the changing demands and expectations from both clients and advisors. Economic trends and regulatory complexities necessitate a sophisticated approach to client interactions. The integration of data is crucial in supporting financial advisors and giving them more time to engage with clients meaningfully. From a client perspective, accurate data upfront transforms the advice journey into a seamless, personalized experience.

SJP’s augmented Advice Assistant automates data-driven experiences, allowing for efficient and personalized client interactions. The OPAL solution further enhances this by offering detailed, goals-based financial planning, enabling advisors to provide tailored advice that aligns with individual client aspirations.

The recent episode from the Salesforce World Tour in London emphasized how such technological advancements are not just about improving efficiency but are integral to enhancing the overall client experience. SJP’s approach demonstrates that by fully leveraging available technology, wealth management firms can capture significant market opportunities while maintaining the personal touch that clients value.

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