In partnership with The Wealth Mosaic, as a part of their WealthTech Insight Series (WTIS), Ortec Finance is pleased to present a new whitepaper focused on what turns an adviser into a wealth coach and trusted partner.

We hear so much about the need to engage more, have a holistic 360-degree view of the client, gain trust, and deal with the full spectrum of lifestyle planning. The list of ‘must dos’ goes on! But the end goal remains clear: to gain trust, become the client’s trusted and preferred adviser, and therefore acquire an increased share of wallet, grow assets under management (AUM) and, consequently, business. As well as attracting greater share of wallet, turning an existing client into an advocate, and attracting more clients for increased overall AUM and further growth are the icing on the cake in the ongoing quest for growth. 

However, even if the desired outcome is well defined, what does the journey to the destination of trusted adviser and wealth coach look like? What do clients really want and value, and how can advisers provide that? 

Establishing this roadmap was the focus of this research-led whitepaper: The quest to become the best – becoming the trusted wealth coach and adviser. To carry out this research project, interviews were held with C-level executives from UK wealth management firms, small, large, and somewhere in between. The research was conducted in partnership with The Wealth Mosaic, an essential knowledge resource for participants of the global wealth management sector.


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