Pension Funds, Insurance Companies and Sovereign Wealth Funds face many complexities when it comes to making decisions regarding their investment and financial risk management. Some tend to focus on the micro-level, whereas macro-level decisions usually have a greater impact on risk and return.

Changes in your financial position or market circumstances demand regular evaluation of your strategic risks and return objectives. To what degree are your long-term and short-term strategic objectives still feasible? Are risks still within the risk budget? Which changes are required in your investment policy? The Ortec Finance Risk Navigator service provides insight into these relevant questions from an organisation-specific holistic balance sheet perspective.

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Loranne van Lieshout
Loranne  van Lieshout
Teamleader Investment Consulting & Risk Management
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Tessa Kuijl
Tessa Kuijl
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Different challenges, one solution

  • I would like to gain insight into my future potential for Capital Generation

    There is an ongoing shift in the way in which analysts and other stakeholders look at the financial performance of insurers. This is why Ortec Finance has positioned its asset and liability modelling framework (GLASS) to cope with a forward-looking view of the components underlying your potential for capital generation.

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  • How can I create consistency in risk management throughout the company?
    Ortec Finance offers a complete and consistent modelling framework (GLASS) for modelling insurance liabilities, asset classes, investment and dividend policies, and economic scenarios, both at Group level and for the underlying entities. Furthermore, this framework is ideally suited for all applications ranging from ALM and ORSA to monitoring.
  • I want to determine the impact of revisions in the Solvency II framework
    Ortec Finance's asset and liability modelling framework (GLASS) incorporates the Solvency II framework. It can provide a full breakdown of the SCR and Eligible Own Funds components for both the standard formula and an internal model approach.

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