Pension funds around the globe are confronted with challenging circumstances; continued low yields, complex liabilities, regulatory pressure, implementing good governance, and member communication. Ortec Finance provides software and services to help you manage these challenges. We aim to provide independent support in the areas of (dynamic) asset liability management, strategic risk management, economic scenarios, performance measurement & attribution and communication. We don’t merely focus on Defined Benefit plans but also on the transformation towards Defined Contribution and hybrid plans.

Pension funds need an appropriate (investment) strategy to find the right balance between their long-term objectives and short-term constraints, as well as the interests of various stakeholders. Also, they are often confronted with complex regulatory environments. The main aim of Asset Liability Management is to address these challenges, and Ortec Finance supports you in this regard through its expertise, its ALM solution GLASS, and its consultancy services. 

Due to the dynamic environment, it is crucial to ensure that your plan keeps aim of reaching its strategic objectives and stays within the risk tolerance. For this purpose we have developed our Navigator, which allows the stakeholders to stay up-to-date and enables Strategic Risk Management. Finally, Ortec Finance also offers services and software for Performance Measurement & Attribution (PEARL) which support the identification of good investment decisions.

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Holistic approach to member communication

We don’t merely focus on Defined Benefit plans but also on the transfer towards Defined Contribution and hybrid plans We believe that a holistic approach to member communication which takes into account all financial assets, is the best way to help members make the right decision. We have a lot of experience with online tooling and data processing to lower hurdles and to help with getting people activated and involved in their future income, using our platform OPAL

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Strategic risk management

Ortec Finance combines state-of-the-art technologies, the latest academic developments and practical experience to help you face these challenges. Our long-lasting collaboration with the academic community guarantees that our methodology is well founded in scientific research. We also invest extensively in understanding the needs of our clients to ensure a smooth and practical application of our advanced decision-support software. We value our independence, which ensures we can provide the best level of support to our clients. Hence, we refrain from any activities that could cause conflicts of interest (e.g. manager selection).

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Different challenges, one solution

  • We have to use an appropriate (investment) strategy to find the right balance between interests of various stakeholders.
    This is central to a good strategic risk management. After formulating and implementing the strategy, pension funds should monitor the actual investment portfolio and ensure it remains in line with the strategic objectives and risk appetite. In addition, a high-quality ex-post performance analysis can help make the right ex-ante decisions. This is laid out in the Ortec Finance Strategic Risk Management framework.
  • We want to improve understanding of the pension dynamics to support the strategic decision making, in order to reach the objectives of the fund
    As an independent specialist, Ortec Finance offers a complete and consistent ALM simulation software (GLASS) for modelling pension liabilities, asset classes, investment and contribution policies, and economic scenarios.
  • We need to regularly evaluate the strategic risks their plan faces, driven by changes in financial position or market circumstances
    The Risk Navigator provides institutional investors with a clear framework that provides an up-to-date overview of the financial risks from a holistic balance sheet perspective, including a periodic guidance on how and when to manage these risks

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