As a financial adviser, you are confronted with clients who are increasingly demanding. Large-scale digitisation and the wider availability of information are the prime causes of this development. At the same time it creates opportunities. The process of making information on Goal Based Financial Planning available has become more efficient, allowing you to focus more on the actual advice. Consumers expect your financial advice to be geared to their specific personal circumstances. Reaching their personal goals takes centre stage.

Goal Based Financial Planning

Ortec Finance's Goal Based Financial Planning advice process enables you to focus on the client's financial goals. This will result in tailor-made and customer-oriented advice. The goal-based planning solution OPAL is used by nearly all Dutch banks as well as internationally to provide financial advice. Through the OPAL platform it's also available to you as an independent financial adviser.

Customer-oriented advice

Reliable information about risk, return, and the feasibility of reaching financial goals are essential to making investment decisions on Goal Based Financial Planning. The OPAL planning tool provides the necessary insight to enable your clients to make financial choices. The tool supports you through all the stages of the advisory process, from client intake and risk profiling to reporting and monitoring. The client's ambitions are concretised and translated into an optimal investment strategy.

OPAL enables you to devise an investment strategy which will help your clients realise their financial goals, while simultaneously carrying an investment risk that is well within their comfort zone. By actively monitoring the advice, you are able to contact clients when their goals are no longer on track. This leads to proactive and customer-oriented advice which is in line with the regulator's demands.

Insight into risk and return

OPAL gives the adviser and his client insight into risk, return, and the feasibility of financial goals. How will assets develop in different and often volatile economic circumstances? Which steps need to be taken for a financial plan to be realistic? OPAL uses scenario analysis to answer these questions. Clients attain insight into how their assets and cash flow could develop in a thousand different economic scenarios and how these impact the feasibility of their financial goals.

To achieve the most realistic results, OPAL also takes into account inflation risk, currency risk and different investment strategies. Client-specific information such as taxes and costs are also included. Your clients get insight into the the impact of their investment decisions on Goal Based Financial Planning, changes in their financial situation and market developments.

Institutional-quality scenarios

Scenario analysis lets your clients decide whether they agree with the risks and allows you to manage their expectations. Higher-quality economic scenarios result in better insight and thus in better investment strategies. The OPAL platform is driven by Ortec Finance's Economic Scenario Generator (ESG). This stochastic projection engine generates real-world economic scenarios that project credible future developments and that are based on an advanced analysis of historic behaviours.

The OPAL platform gives you access to this advanced Scenario Generator as well as Ortec Finance's knowledge and expertise. Acquiring an an additional licence will allow you to adjust benchmark selection and add model portfolios to make scenarios fit seamlessly with an organisation's investment strategy.

Advanced technology

Our experience with the banking and pension markets means we are used to modelling complex products, while simultaneously providing simple explanations to end customers. A good example is Dreamboard, which allows the client to do the intake of their goals in a fun and easy way. Subsequently, you can check the feasibility of these goals.


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Different challenges, one solution

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    A wealth planning tool that helps the client identify goals, and concretize and prioritize them. High-quality scenario projections continuously show the effects of investment decisions, changes in a client’s financial situation, and market developments on the feasibility of these goals. 

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  • I want a solution for Goal-based Financial Planning

    A financial planning tool that additionally offers you an integrated cash flow planning tool. The main objective of cash flow planning in OPAL is to identify possible budget shortfalls or surpluses. This provides information on the effect on the development of capital and the realization of financial goals.

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    A pension planning tool that offers a unique solution in which asset accumulation (accumulation phase) and pension benefits (decumulation phase) seamlessly fit together, including an integrated risk approach.

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